Largest Automobile company of India ?

(A) Maruti

(B) TATA Motors

(C) Honda

When was Carlos Saavedra Lamos President of the International Labour Congress?

(A) 1914

(B) 1928

(C) 1918

Which of these metals is harder than iron?

(A) Nickel

(B) Gold

(C) Copper

(D) Brass

What type of ions do bases release into a solution?

(A) Hydroxide ions

(B) Nitrogen ions

(C) Hydrogen ions

Article 370 of the Indian constitution deals with :

(A) The Emergency Powers of the President

(B) The special position of the state of Jammu and Kashmir

(C) Distribution of taxes between the Centre and the State

Pulitzer price is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

(A) Science and Technology

(B) Environmental Studies

(C) Literature and Journalism

Against which team did India win its first One Day International match?

(A) England

(B) Pakistan

(C) South Africa

(D) East Africa

Who played the role of Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar's television serial 'Ramayana'?

(A) Dara Singh

(B) Pankaj Dheer

(C) Praveen Kumar

In which union territory of India, would you meet the people of the Onge tribe ?

(A) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(B) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

(C) Lakshadweep

What does the 'S' stand for in a 'SIM' card used in mobile phones?

(A) Service

(B) Smart

(C) Subscriber

Which country was called the "golden sparrow"?

(A) Pakistan

(B) England

(C) India

Which among the following is Quick Silver?

(A) Platinum

(B) Mercury

(C) Aluminum

Whats the air sun sign?

(A) Capricorn

(B) Aquarius

(C) Leo

How many legs does an insect have?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

Most people in Mexico speak ___________.

(A) Spain

(B) Spanish

(C) Spaniard

In Britain women usually retire _ the age of 60.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) at

India has world's largest reserves of _________?

(A) Iron

(B) Coal

What was the growth target for agriculture in the 11th Plan Draft Document?

(A) 2.5%

(B) 3.5%

(C) 4 %

Narrow Money & Broad money are represented in the concepts of Money supply used by reserve bank of India are denoted by respectively ________?

(A) M1 & M2

(B) M1 & M3

(C) M1 & M4

The National Science Day is celebrated on...

(A) January 14

(B) February 28

(C) March 31

What color are oriole feeders typically?

(A) Yellow

(B) Red

(C) Orange

(D) Green

India House is Located in

(A) London

(B) New Delhi

(C) Mumbai

In a graph if e=[u, v], Then u and v are called

(A) adjacent nodes

(B) neighbors

(C) endpoints of e

(D) all of above

Which language is written in five scripts?

(A) Urdu

(B) Telugu

(C) Konkani

The asteroid belt is a region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of which among the following planet?

(A) Earth & Mars

(B) Mars & Jupiter

(C) Jupiter and Saturn

Which of the following games is not included in the Olympic Games?

(A) Skiing

(B) Cycling

(C) Cricket

(D) Archery

The famous character 'Pickwick' was created by

(A) Steven Spielberg

(B) Leo Tolstoy

(C) Walt Disney

(D) Charles dickens

Photosynthesis takes place faster in

(A) yellow light

(B) white light

(C) red light

In which state is the hill of shrine of Tirumala located ?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Andhra Pradesh

Jataka Tales, written in Pali language, are the previous birth stories of which religious Guru ?

(A) Mahavira

(B) Gautam Buddha

(C) Guru Nanak Dev

He's a really __________________, so you'd better make a lot of food for the party.

(A) big stomach

(B) hearty eater

My dad has been __________ stamp collecting for years.

(A) along

(B) on

(C) into

In many countries, Boxing Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

(A) A day after Christmas Day

(B) A Day before Christmas Day

(C) Last Day of a Year

HAND : Glove :: HEAD : ____

(A) Neck

(B) Hat

(C) Hair

80% of the water resources are consumed by agriculture.

(A) True

(B) False

What is the maximum interval between two sessions of the parliament?

(A) Two months

(B) Three months

(C) Six months

(D) One year

What is the strongest creature of the world?

(A) Elephant

(B) Horned Dung Beetle

(C) Human

The 1896 session of Indian National Congress is best known for which among the following?

(A) India's national song was sung for the first time

(B) India's national anthem was sung for the first time

(C) India's tricolor flag was hoisted for the first time

Which among the following Indian women is not included in the Fortune magazine’s list of 50 most powerful business–women?

(A) Chanda Kochar, ICICI Bank

(B) Naina Lal Kidwai, HSBC India

(C) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Biocon India

(D) Shehnaz Hussain, Shehnaz Hussain Herbals

For which movie Sandra Bullock got Best actress in lead role oscar?

(A) Crash

(B) The Blind Side

(C) The Proposal

(D) Erin Brockovich

Which Pythagorean gave the first coherent account of the blood vessel system in our bodies?

(A) Sylvius

(B) Strato

(C) Posidonius

(D) Diogenes

India's advanced communication satellite was successfully launched into its geosynchronous transfer orbit by Arianespace's launch vehicle Ariane-5 from Kourou in French Guyana. Name the satellite.

(A) GSAT-8




FROZEN FOOD - Who discovered the first practical method of freezing food?

(A) C. Birdseye

(B) F. Rozenosh

(C) G. Findus

(D) R. Scott

Minority carrier in P-type semiconductor is -

(A) Free holes

(B) Free electrons

Orange Prize 2010 was won by whom?

(A) Arundhati Roy

(B) Hillari Mantel

(C) Barbara Kingsolver

(D) Ashwin Sanghi

The oldest rocks found in ocean basins are ____ than the oldest continental rocks.

(A) older

(B) younger

(C) larger

(D) smaller

The temporary suspension of hostilities by mutual consent in order to stout a peace negotiation is called

(A) arbitration

(B) asylum

(C) armistice

(D) apartheid

"The Great White Hope" was a play about this heavyweight boxer?

(A) Muhammad Ali

(B) Sugar Ray Leonard

(C) Ezzard Charles

(D) Jack Johnson

Please be sure to collect your __________________, including any small electronic devices and clothing, before you get off the plane.

(A) mail

(B) belongings

(C) luggage

How did US president John F Kennedy die?

(A) Land mine explosion

(B) Skiing accident

(C) Assassination

(D) Plane crash

The General who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bag was

(A) Tegart

(B) Cornwallis

(C) Simpson

(D) O. Dwyer

Who is the subject of the song 'De Di Humein Azadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal' ,written by Kavi Pradeep?

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Pandit Nehru

(C) Sardar Patel

Who was named as the Player of the Decade by

(A) Saina Nehwal

(B) Sachin Tendulkar

(C) Baichung Bhutia

Whether One-line comment begin with pound sing(#) in php?

(A) True

(B) False

The people who made the computer language BASIC created it where?


(B) Darthmouth College


(D) Honeywell

He invited that ___ lady to dinner.

(A) young beautiful

(B) beautiful young

How many sides are there on a standard pencil?

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 7

Did you know that the world's largest Buddhist _________ can be found in Indonesia?

(A) church

(B) temple

Which is the odd one out?

(A) They'’ve hired him

(B) They've taken him on

(C) They've given him the job

(D) They've let him go

Look how much ___________ tax I've paid this month!

(A) income

(B) wage

(C) salary

(D) earnings

A : What do you do? B: I'm __________ teacher.

(A) a

(B) the

(C) ----

(D) all of the above answers

Which of the following are reasons for not going to work?

(A) I've been fired!

(B) I've been made redundant.

(C) I'm on maternity leave.

(D) all of the above answers

What do you do for ___________?

(A) a job

(B) work

(C) a living

(D) all of the above answers

Sabarimala in kerala is a famous place devoted to ________?

(A) Aiyanar

(B) Ayyappan

(C) Muthappan

(D) Kotilingeshwara

Which of the following Governor Generals was impeached for charges of corruption?

(A) Earl Cornwallis

(B) Warren Hastings

(C) Lord Minto

Amazon river is the largest river in the world by volume and has the largest drainage basin in the world. This accounts for approximately what fraction of the world's total river flow?

(A) 10%

(B) 20%

(C) 30%

When was Bhimrao Ambedkar born?

(A) 5 February 1883

(B) 14 April 1891

(C) 24 August 1884

(D) 21 October 1883

When did George V become king of UK?

(A) 29 November 1906

(B) 22 July 1918

(C) 6 May 1910

(D) 5 March 1908

Which is true about const variables (Constant) ?

(A) const variables are implicitly static

(B) const variables can not be used as a global variable

(C) const variables can be modified when declared as static

(D) const variables should be of type integer

Which of the following is the largest Committee of the Parliament?

(A) The Public Accounts Committee

(B) The Estimates Committee

(C) The Committee on Public Undertakings

(D) The Committee on Petitions

In diesel engine, ignition is caused by

(A) Spark

(B) Automatic starter

(C) Compression

(D) Friction

In 1958, who became the first Indian to receive Raman Magsaysay Award ?

(A) Vinoba Bhave

(B) Baba Amte

(C) Satyajit Ray

(D) Jai Prakash Narain

The Finance Commission is appointed for every... year

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6

Bingo, the new brand of potato chips/wafers and fries, is a product of

(A) Pepsi Foods

(B) Nestle


For which of the following ores Baba Budan Hills in South India are famous?

(A) Aluminum

(B) Iron

(C) Cadmium

I need an assistant - I'm up to ___________ with work.

(A) my eyes

(B) my ears

(C) here

(D) all of the above answers

A cushion is something you can ?

(A) Eat

(B) Wear

(C) Sit On

You are always so ___, come on!

(A) slow

(B) slowly

That's John. He's ___ police officer.

(A) a

(B) an

More people have heart attacks ..... Monday morning than at any other time

(A) on

(B) in

(C) at

I find yoga very ____ for controlling tension.

(A) benefit

(B) benefits

(C) beneficial

"Below the belt" means ___.

(A) good

(B) secretly

(C) unfairly

"Behind the scenes" means ___.

(A) in a different place

(B) privately

(C) in a difficult position

To "beef up" means ___.

(A) to go crazy

(B) to have fun

(C) to make something stronger

To "beat around the bush" means ___.

(A) to not know

(B) to avoid a question

(C) to go on a hike

"He didn't bat an eye" means the same as ___.

(A) he didn't see

(B) he wasn't happy

(C) he didn't show surprise

A "bad trip" means ___.

(A) to lose money

(B) an unpleasant drug experience

(C) to be unsuccesful

To "back out" means ___.

(A) to support someone

(B) to be trapped

(C) to get out of an agreement

To "back down" means ___.

(A) to give up a claim

(B) to sit down

(C) to fight for something

A "babe in the woods" means ___.

(A) someone who cuts trees

(B) someone who is young

(C) someone who is innocent

Minimum support price are announced by the Govt. to prevent fall in the prices in the situation of over production and as well as protecting farmers by ensuring them for a minimum price of their production. For how many crops MSP is announced?

(A) 20

(B) 24

(C) 26

Who among the following businessmen has been conferred doctor of humane letters by Wesleyan University, Connecticut, United States?

(A) Azim Premji

(B) N R Narayanmurthy

(C) KV Kamath

Which of these species of birds eats both meat and plants as an adult?

(A) Flycatcher

(B) Vulture

(C) Blue jay

(D) Sunbird

The Cells which are responsible for the production of antibodies are-

(A) Red Blood Cells

(B) Neutrophils

(C) Lymphocytes

(D) Platelets

When is World Health Day celebrated?

(A) April 7

(B) May 12

(C) June 5

(D) August 9

Which mountain range in Chhatisgarh, with name literally meaning the hump of ox, is world famous for top-quality deposits of iron ore ?

(A) Aravali

(B) Bailadila

(C) Nilgiri

(D) Patkai

Nathu La Pass, located in Sikkim, connects India with which country ?

(A) Nepal

(B) Bhutan

(C) Myanmar

(D) China

Panchasiddhantika, an ancient book, is written by …

(A) Valmiki

(B) Kabir

(C) Surdas

(D) Varahamihira

What is the direction of rotation of earth on its axis ?

(A) East to West

(B) West to East

(C) North to South

(D) South to North

Which continent is known as urban continent?

(A) North America

(B) Asia

(C) Australia

To "bear in mind" means ___.

(A) to forget something

(B) to remember something

(C) to be crazy

Which country has a 13 month in a calender?

(A) Brazil

(B) Ethopia

(C) Siberia

(D) Finland

The child of deer is called ?

(A) Rall

(B) Fawn

(C) Foal

(D) Chick

Indonesia has the world's only living dragon the Komodo. It can grow over 3m long. In old stories what could dragons blow from their mouths?

(A) Smoke

(B) Fire

(C) Water

(D) Gas

Which field of science is related with the study of "Palaeontology"?

(A) Study of birds

(B) Study of bones

(C) Study of fossils

How do we denote the number 100 in Roman numerals?

(A) XL

(B) C


She's a very __________ teacher.

(A) creatively

(B) creative

(C) creation

(D) create

Which among the following is a non banking asset ?

(A) Cash Deposits

(B) Property seized by the bank


How many generations, computer can be classified?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

James is a postman so he usually gets up ____ 4 o'clock.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) at

Which smell is the odd one out?

(A) stench

(B) stink

(C) foul

(D) fragrant

Who is expected to be the most humorous?

(A) A clown

(B) A cosmetician

(C) A clarinetist

Mother Teresa was ___ Roman Catholic nun.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Mandela was imprisoned for ___ nearly 30 years for his anti-apartheid activities.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Mandela was ___ first President elected in ___ South Africa after ___ Apartheid was revoked.

(A) a / the / the

(B) the / X / X

(C) a / X / the

(D) the / the / the

Mandela was born in ___ South Africa.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Roentgen won ___ 1901 Nobel Prize.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Roentgen was ___ German physicist who discovered x-rays, revolutionizing medical diagnosis.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Einstein is known for his theory of ___ relativity.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Einstein left his country and lived in ___ States until he died in 1955.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Einstein won ___ Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Einstein was born in ___ Germany in 1879.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

Albert Einstein was ___ famous scientist.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) X [Nothing]

I don't know. I think ___ anyone.

(A) I'm going invite

(B) I'm not go invite

(C) I'm not going to invite

What time ___ start?

(A) is it going to

(B) it's going to

(C) it

It is ___ to be at Ruth's house.

(A) go

(B) going

(C) gonna

My friend Melissa and I ___ a party. Would you like to come?

(A) am going to

(B) are going to go to

(C) go to

I'm not sure. ___ anything special?

(A) Are you going to do

(B) You are going to do

(C) Is going to do

What ___ this weekend?

(A) you are going to do

(B) are you going to do

(C) your gonna do

To not go to bed early is the same as to ___ up.

(A) look

(B) stay

(C) lock

To explode a bomb in a building is the same as to ___ up a building.

(A) blow

(B) mess

(C) make

To clean a room is the same as to ___ up.

(A) clean

(B) seal

(C) cheer

To put nice clothes on and look smart is the same as to ___ up.

(A) stand

(B) lock

(C) dress

To become happy after being sad or miserable is the same as to ___ up.

(A) put

(B) look

(C) cheer

To rush so that you aren't late is the same as to ___ up.

(A) hurry

(B) fill

(C) cheer

To ask someone to talk loudly so that you can hear them is the same as to ___ up.

(A) talk

(B) ask

(C) speak

To go from being a child to being an adult is the same as to ___ up.

(A) heal

(B) grow

(C) hurry

To go from sitting to standing is the same as to ___ up.

(A) shoot

(B) speak

(C) stand

To stick a poster to a wall is the same as to ___ up a poster.

(A) liven
(B) put
(C) stand

Chandella Kings are related to which of the following temples?

(A) Khajuraho

(B) Hampi

(C) Mahabalipuram

A debenture holder of a company is also its ______?

(A) shareholder
(B) director
(C) creditor

Which among the following is not a quantitative credit control measure by Reserve Bank of India ?

(A) Varying cash reserve ratio
(B) Sales & purchase of government securities
(C) discriminatory rates of interest on certain advances

Which of these land animals moves most slowly?

(A) Snail
(B) Turtle
(C) Rabbit
(D) Three-toed sloth

The ' President Rule ' in the State means that the State is ruled by

(A) The President directly
(B) A Caretaker Government
(C) The Chief Minister nominated by the President
(D) The Governor of the State

What gift did Albert recieve from his father when he was 5-years-old?

(A) A compass
(B) A bicycle
(C) A protractor
(D) A calculator

With which medieval ruler would you associate the statement ‘I would have lost the empire just for a handful of millet’ ?

(A) Alauddin Khalji
(B) Muhammad Tughlaq
(C) Sher Shah
(D) Aurangzeb

What does a pineapple grow on?

(A) A Tree
(B) A small plant
(C) A vine

Ms. Vijaya Mehta has earned distinction in which of the field?

(A) Theatre
(B) Film Direction
(C) Classical Dance
(D) Journalism

Anand Sharma is associated with …


Who was the commander of revolt of 1857 in Rohilkhand?

(A) Ahmadullah
(B) Sher Shah
(C) Mangal Pandey

Lord Dattatreya is confluence of Bramha, Vishnu and who else?

(A) Shiva
(B) Ganesh
(C) Ram

The Mittal Group of Industries merged with which major business entity and gave the tag line 'Transforming Tomorrow'?

(A) Baosteel Group
(B) Arcelor
(C) Nippon Steel

Which of the following planets is called evening star?

(A) Mars
(B) Mercury
(C) Venus

Which planet has the longest day?

(A) Saturn
(B) Venus
(C) Pluto

Changing computer language of 1's and 0's to characters that a person can understand is...

(A) Highlight
(B) Clip art
(C) Decode

To ask someone to talk loudly so that you can hear them is the same as to ___ up.

(A) talk
(B) ask
(C) speak

“Algoma Steel” of Canada is acquired for 1.8 billion Canadian dollars by

(A) Vizag Steels
(B) Tata Steel
(C) Essar Steel

What is full name of U.P.A.?

(A) United Peoples Association
(B) United Peoples Alliance
(C) United Progressive Association
(D) United Progressive Alliance

Which field of science is related with the study of "Cardiology"?

(A) Study of heart
(B) Study of skulls
(C) Study of secret writing

Who is the best player in IPL 2009?

(A) Mathew Hayden
(B) Yusuf Pathan

At 10 P.M. ___ invite?

(A) Who are you going to
(B) What you're going to
(C) When you going to

We're thinking __________ to Rome on holiday this year.

(A) going
(B) of go
(C) of going
(D) of to go

He got a friend ........ him at the airport

(A) meet
(B) to meet

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