How long did the Constitutional assembly take to finally pass the Constitution?

(A) about six months in 1949
(B) exactly a year since 26th November, 1948
(C) about two years since 15th August, 1947
(D) about three years since 9th December, 1946

The tools and weapons of Harppan civilisation were mostly made of

(A) stone
(B) stone and copper
(C) copper, bronze and iron
(D) copper, tin and bronze

Who discovered the Indus Valley Civilization ?

(A) Sir Leonard Wooley
(B) V.S. Agrawal
(C) Dayaram Sahni
(D) A.L. Basham

Who is known as the father of the Indian Constitution?

(A) Dr BR Ambedkar
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(D) Vallabhbhai Patel

The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by

(A) the people

(B) Lok Sabha

(C) elected members of the legislative assembly

(D) elected members of the legislative council

The treaty of Srirangapatna was signed between Tipu Sultan and

(A) Robert Clive

(B) Cornwallis

(C) Dalhousie

(D) Warren Hastings

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is

(A) copper

(B) magnesium

(C) iron

(D) calcium

The percentage of irrigated land in India is about

(A) 45

(B) 65

(C) 35

(D) 25

The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?

(A) Africa

(B) Asia

(C) Australia

(D) Europe

Entomology is the science that studies

(A) Behavior of human beings

(B) Insects

(C) The origin and history of technical and scientific terms

(D) The formation of rocks


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